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发布时间:2021-10-11 05:40:01

Wu Yifan, all media reporter of Sports Weekly


If Germany's 1 win and 3 draws in the European League are unpopular, what kind of "door" is Spain's loss to Ukraine, which has never lost? Exhausting all his energy, the siege hammer and the lock opener were mounted together, but they failed to open the gates of Ukraine. It was a collective disconnection accident in the backcourt and was caught by the opponent and won the game. However, Luis Enrique is basically satisfied with the team's performance. If you score 1 goal and lose 1 goal in 3 games, you are happy.


Luis Enrique has been recruiting new talents for the past year, with a large number of rotations, making it difficult to see who is the main force. However, the feeling of this game seems to be moving. Defensive Ramos and Paul Torres partner, strikers Anzu=Fati and Adama Traore are separated on both sides of Rodrigo. The only candidate who was somewhat unexpected was Merino of Real Sociedad who started again. He was selected to get a lot of training opportunities.

过去的一年中,路易斯·恩里克(Luis Enrique)一直在招募新的人才,并轮换大量,这使得很难看出谁是主要力量。但是,这种游戏的感觉似乎正在改变。防守拉莫斯和保罗·托雷斯的搭档,前锋安祖=法蒂和阿达玛·特拉奥雷在罗德里戈的两侧分开。唯一有些出乎意料的候选人是皇家社会的美利奴,他又重新开始了比赛。他被选为获得大量培训机会的人。

Spain unsurprisingly suppressed and encircled, but contrary to the previous one, the attack tilted to the right, trying to use Traore's impact to the bottom. This is Traore's first starting game. Even if the scene is messy and the result is not satisfactory, his performance can still score high, at least his true colors have completed the set task. Traore made at least 10 successful breakthroughs in the game, surpassing the defensive players with amazing explosiveness, and completed the cross at the edge of the penalty area. Although the pass quality is far inferior to the old Navas, but at least a few times fell to the point where teammates can fight.

西班牙毫不意外地受到压制和包围,但是与前一个相反,攻击向右倾斜,试图利用Traore的打击力。这是Traore的首款首发游戏。即使场景凌乱并且结果不令人满意,他的表现仍然可以很高,至少他的本色亚博全站网页登录版已经完成了设定的任务。 Traore在游戏中至少取得了10项成功的突破,以惊人的爆发力超过了防守球员,并在禁区边缘完成了传中。尽管传球质量远不如旧的纳瓦斯,但至少有几次跌落到队友可以战斗的地步。

Still an old problem, Traore broke through again and again, but Spain did not make too many threatening shots throughout the game. Ukraine has intensively deployed defenses in the restricted area, and the single waterproof accuracy is quite good. Rodrigo may be able to show the advantages of speed and footwork in sports, but it is difficult for him to force a header in the penalty area with a few Eastern European defenders who are in their early 20s and half a head higher than himself. On the other hand, Anzu-Fati and Reggie Long, who are good at holding the ball and dexterity, are difficult to pull out of space on the other side, and the cooperation is not close. So there is an embarrassing situation where the ball is sent from both sides to the penalty area, and there is no way to turn to the other side.


Ukraine is not unstoppable. Their routes are clear and skillful, and they complement each other in smoothing and running position. They can send the ball to the right winger Yarmolenko with three or two feet. Before scoring in the second half, the home team had scored in front of Spain many times, and the opportunities for the goal were quite threatening. At least two or three times due to falls or suspected handball to the referee for penalties, but they did not get what they wanted.


In the 76th minute, Spain had just completed the fourth substitution adjustment. Olmo replaced Canales to continue to put pressure on the goal, but the midfield defense was even more out of control. Ukraine is still an old routine, but this time the high ball is over the top and the ferry is still not landing, so that the Spanish single defense players can't touch the ball at all. The most puzzling thing is that, until the goalkeeper Zigankov turned around with the ball, the Spanish national goal De Gea was still pacing on the edge of the penalty area, and was bypassed and broke the "empty goal" by a very beautiful curved kick from the opponent. There was jubilation in the stands.

在第76分钟内,西班牙刚刚完成了第四次换人调整。奥尔莫(Olmo)取代卡纳莱斯(Canales)继续对球门施加压力,但中场防守甚至失控。乌克兰仍然是老套路,但是这次高球越过顶端,渡轮仍未降落,因此西班牙的单防队员根本无法触球。最令人费解的是,直到门将齐根科夫(Zigankov)持球转身,西班牙国家进球De Gea仍在罚球区的边缘起搏,并被非常漂亮的弧形踢球绕过并打破了“空球”来自对手。看台上欢腾。

It stands to reason that Spain still has a lot of time to reverse the situation after losing the ball in the 76th minute, but in the face of Ukraine, which has a more determined defensive will, it still lacks effective means of scoring. In the last few minutes, the central defender Ramos, who was able to header the ball, simply inserted into the penalty area and acted as a center, giving his teammates a foot space. This is also difficult for Ramos and Enrique, this time there is no offensive player in the Spanish training list who can stand more than him. Several tall men, Rodri, Busquets, and Merino are not the same. Not to mention this training camp, looking at Spanish football, the current good centers who can stand are still players from the previous era like Soldado, Negredo and even Jorge Molina. The youngest is also over 30. Jaime Mata. Therefore, relying on Traore's assault to the bottom, a "terminator" is needed to cooperate to show its power.

理所当然的是,西班牙在第76分钟丢球后仍然有很多时间来扭转局势,但是面对面对更加坚定的防守意愿的乌克兰,它仍然缺乏有效的得分手段。在最后几分钟,能够顶住球的中央后卫拉莫斯简单地插入禁区并充当中锋,给队友留下了脚步。对于拉莫斯和恩里克来说,这也很困难,这一次西班牙训练名单上没有哪个进攻球员能比他站得住脚。罗德里(Rodri),布斯克茨(Busquets)和美利奴(Merino)等几个高个子不一样。更不用说这次训练营,着眼于西班牙足球,目前能站得住脚的优秀中锋仍然像索拉多,内格雷多甚至豪尔赫·莫利纳一样来自上个时代。最小的也超过30岁。海梅·马塔(Jaime Mata)。因此,依靠特拉奥雷的袭击,需要一个“终结者”来发挥其威力。

Fortunately, Germany drew with Switzerland on the other side, and Spain still holds the initiative in the group. The media blamed De Gea for losing the ball, and Luis Enrique was upset: "For the goalkeeper, it is always a bit close to miss the ball, but it is your bad habit to blame De Gea for losing the ball. If you lose in this kind of game, I blame him, so let's turn off the lights and disperse."

幸运的是,德国紧随其后,而瑞士紧随其后,而西班牙仍然是该集团的先驱。媒体指责De Gea丢球,而Luis Enrique感到沮丧:“对于守门员来说,错过球总是有些接近,但是责怪De Gea丢球是您的坏习惯。如果输了在亚博全站网页登录版这种游戏中,我责怪他,所以让我们关掉灯并散开。”

Spain only scored 1 goal against Switzerland in 3 games, and the other side gave gifts. There is still a lot to improve on the offensive end. But Enrique didn’t seem to be worried: “It’s not a problem not to score a game or two. We control the scene, suppress the opponent, and rely on Adama to create a lot of opportunities on the right. I’m very satisfied with that. I think there is too much benefit for such a defeat to cause panic."


No one commented, but quiet


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