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【手机安装版APP下载】BMW欧洲锦标赛:瑞德罗斯参赛 李昊桐吴阿顺出战
名称:【手机安装版APP下载】BMW欧洲锦标赛:瑞德罗斯参赛 李昊桐吴阿顺出战

News from October 7th, Beijing time, the 2020 European Tour Flagship, the third European Tour Rolex Series-BMW European Championship will be beaten at the West Course of Wentworth Golf Club in England this Thursday, currently ranking first in the Dubai competition. American star Patrick Reid, former world No. 1 Justin Rose, 2019 British Open champion Sean Lowry, defending champion Danny Willett and other celebrities all appeared on the stage, while Chinese duo Li Haotong and Wu Ashun were in the first place. One round will start with the front and rear feet.

北京时间10月7日消息,2020年欧洲巡回赛旗舰,第三届欧洲巡回赛劳力士系列-宝马欧洲锦标赛将于本周四在英国温特沃斯高尔夫俱乐部的西球场被击败,目前在迪拜比赛中排名第一。美国球星帕特里克·里德(Patrick Reid),前世界第一的贾斯汀·罗斯(Justin Rose),2019年英国公开赛冠军肖恩·洛瑞(Sean Lowry),卫冕冠军丹尼·威利特(Danny Willett)和其他名人都出现在舞台上,而中国二人组合李好同和吴亚博全站网页登录版阿顺则位居第一。一轮将从前后脚开始。

As the flagship event of the European Tour, the historic BMW European Championship (founded in 1955) has always been well-known, including Arnold Palmer, Nick Faldo, Ian Woosnam, Bernard Lange, Big names like Rory McIlroy have won this event. A year ago, 2016 US Masters champion Danny Willett defeated Spaniard Joan Lahm by three shots to win the 2019 BMW European Championship. This week, Willett returned to Wentworth to start the defending battle, also facing a strong title lineup.

作为欧洲巡回赛的旗舰赛事,具有历史意义的宝马欧洲锦标赛(成立于1955年)一直广为人知,包括阿诺德·帕尔默,尼克·法尔多,伊恩·伍斯南,伯纳德·兰格,罗里·麦克罗伊这样的大人物都赢得了这项赛事。一年前,2016年美国大师赛冠军丹尼·威利特(Danny Willett)以三杆优势击败西班牙人琼·拉姆(Joan Lahm),赢得了2019年宝马欧洲冠军。本周,威利特(Willett)回到温特沃斯(Wentworth)开始卫冕之战,同时也面临着强大的冠军头衔。

   Now ranked 9th in the world, Reid competed in the BMW European Championship for the second consecutive year. Last year, Reid was tied for 4th in the first competition. After winning the World Championships-Mexico Championship earlier this year, the current Dubai competition leader wants to use the European Tour flagship victory to consolidate his competition in Dubai. Leading advantage.


"I look forward to playing at Wentworth again. This is a great stadium and once again ushered in a strong lineup, so I hope I can play well, even better than last year's debut. The cheers of the fans I got in the UK last year are very important. They won’t be here this week. It’s obviously a pity, but I’m sure they will watch the game on TV,” Reid said in an interview before the game. There are many golf tournaments to play, including the US Masters, but I have created myself a chance to win the championship in Dubai. The victory of the BMW European Championship will definitely help me achieve that goal.” Reid will be held on Thursday 15th Beijing time At 0:05, they joined hands with England duo Lee Westwood and Tyrell Hatton to start their respective flagship European Tour trips this year.

“我期待着再次在温特沃斯(Wentworth)比赛。这是一个很棒的体育场,再次迎来了强大的阵容,所以我希望我能打得更好,甚至比去年的处子秀还好。我去年在英亚博全站网页登录版国得到的球迷的欢呼声一年是非常重要的。他们本周不会来这里。这很遗憾,但我确定手机安装版APP下载他们会在电视上观看比赛。”里德在赛前接受采访时说。有很多高尔夫比赛要参加,包括美国大师赛在内,但我为自己赢得了在迪拜赢得冠军的机会。宝马欧洲冠军的胜利无疑将帮助我实现这一目标。”里德(Reid)将于北京时间15日星期四0:05举行,他们与英格兰二重奏李·韦斯特伍德(Lee Westwood)和泰瑞尔·哈顿(Tyrell Hatton)联手今年开始各自的旗舰欧洲巡回赛之旅。

  Ross, who has been missing the European stadium for a long time, has also become one of the favorites to win the BMW European Championship. The Olympic champion will fight side by side with two compatriots Ian Poulter and Sam Horsfield at 19:25 on Thursday. Before them, the defending champion Willett played in the same group with Tommy Fleetwood and Lowry.


   Last week, Chinese duo Li Haotong and Wu Ashun successfully entered the final of the Irish Open, and Haotong broke into the top 15. This week will be Li Haotong's sixth consecutive BMW European Championship. In Wentworth, the best result of the 25-year-old Chinese player stayed at 27th place in 2016. In the first two rounds, Li Haotong will compete with Korean-Australian player Min Woo Lee (Min Woo Lee) and Swedish player Kristoffer Broberg (Kristoffer Broberg). The kick-off time for the first round will be 15 pm Beijing time on Thursday. Point 15 minutes.

上周,中国人李浩彤和吴阿顺成功进入了爱尔兰公开赛的决赛,浩彤闯入了前15名。本周将是李浩彤连续第六次获得宝马欧洲冠军。在温特沃斯,这位25岁的中国选手亚博全站网页登录版的最佳成绩在2016年排名第27位。在前两轮中,李皓彤将与韩裔澳大利亚选手李敏佑(Min Woo Lee)和瑞典选手克里斯托弗·布罗伯格(Kristoffer Broberg)竞争(克里斯托弗·布罗伯格)。首轮比赛的开始时间为北京时间星期四下午15点。点15分钟。

Before Li Haotong sets off, Wu Ashun will also usher in his fourth BMW European Championship. Together with England’s Graeme Storm and Scottish player Stephen Garacher, they will play separately at 15:05 Beijing time on Thursday. The first round. Previously, Wu Ashun's best result in the BMW European Championship was 64th in 2018. This week, he also looks forward to refreshing his best record in the European Tour flagship event.

在李浩同出发之前,吴阿顺还将迎来他的第四届宝马欧洲锦标赛。他们将与英格兰的格雷姆风暴(Graeme Storm)和苏格兰选手史蒂芬·加拉彻(Stephen Garacher)一起,在北京时间周四15:05分别比赛。第一轮。此前,吴阿顺在宝马欧洲锦标赛中的最佳成绩是2018年的第64位。本周,他还期待刷新欧洲巡回赛旗舰赛事的最佳战绩。

   At that time, Sina Golf will start a four-day live broadcast of the BMW European Championship. Fans are welcome to watch.


   The live broadcast time of the 2020 BMW European Championship is as follows:


   Thursday, October 8th 18:30-00:30 first round


   Friday, October 9th, 18:30-00:30, the second round


   Saturday, October 10, 18:00-23:30, third round


   Sunday, October 11, 18:00-23:30 final round


(Luo Yi)

(luo Y i)

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