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手机安装版APP下载:明星球星交口称赞 北京恒大丽宫体育公园迎接新浪杯
名称:手机安装版APP下载:明星球星交口称赞 北京恒大丽宫体育公园迎接新浪杯

   Beijing time on October 15th, the first Sina Cup professional amateur match play kicked off in Beijing Evergrande Palace Sports Park. As one of the most mysterious and high-quality clubs in Beijing, Evergrande Palace Sports Park was tested by all parties during the game.


   As the star promoters of the Sina Cup professional amateur match play, young action actor Shi Xiaolong and young actor and singer Zhang Zhehan all experienced Beijing Evergrande Palace Sports Park during the competition.


   Shi Xiaolong caught birdies one after another in the first two holes of Li Palace. He said: "The scenery of the court is very good, and the playing is very comfortable."


"This is the first time I have played in the Evergrande Sports Park. The stadium is beautiful and the scenery is good," Zhang Zhehan said. "The green is fast and very challenging." After the game, he still wanted to play more. 9 holes.

张哲涵说:“这是我第一次在恒大体育公园玩。体育场很漂亮,风景也很美。” “绿色快速且极具挑战性。”比赛结束后,他仍然想玩更多游戏。 9个洞。

   Feng Shanshan's deputy captain and former national team captain Li Jiayun participated in the pairing match on the 15th. She commented on the course as follows: "The fairway grass is cut very short and densely. The course is in very good condition. The green is very difficult. It is in the shape of a potato chip and is easy to push three times."

冯珊珊的副队手机安装版APP下载长,原国家队队长李嘉云参加了15日的配对比赛。她对路线进行了如下评论:“球道草被剪得非常短且密密麻麻。路线状况非常好。果岭非常困难。它呈土豆片状,易于推三遍。 ”

Feng Liyuan, the director of the Sina Cup match play, expressed his emotion at the coordination of the Palace Stadium during the preparation of the event: “The Palace Stadium does not have a practice range. In order to cooperate with the players to practice, a temporary hole was set up in the stadium. The practice field needs to be restored during the game. This kind of work is actually very intense, and it is also an effort that others cannot see."


   Evergrande Palace Sports Park project is the supporting facility of Evergrande Palace Villa. It is located in the central villa area of ​​Shunyi on the north bank of Wenyu River. It has a superior location and elegant environment. As the leading pure proprietorship golf club in China, the project is only open to the owners of Evergrande Palace Villa and their guests.


The    project covers an area of ​​600,000 square meters, with a total length of 7,300 yards, and was designed by Nicklaus, the top American golf course designer. Liang Wenchong believes, "The Palace Stadium is one of the best among all the Nicklaus-designed courses that we have played in China."


  Beijing Evergrande Ligong Sports Park has been selected as one of the top ten golf communities in China by "Golf Master" and "Golf" magazines.


The first Sina Cup professional amateur match play will be held from October 14th to 17th. On October 16th there will be a four-person four-ball match and a four-person two-ball match. On the 17th, the individual match will be played against the top domestic professionals led by Liang Wenchong and Feng Shanshan. And amateur players.

首届新浪杯职业业余比赛将在10月14日至17日举行。 10月16日,将举行四人四球比赛和四人两球比赛。 17日,个人比赛将与梁文冲和冯珊珊带领的国内顶尖专业人士进行比赛。和业余玩家。

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